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AfriConsult Firm was formed and birthed on the basis of Africans shaping the African continent and changing its narrative by being the change that we as Africans wish to see.

It is the culmination of a vision shared by Paul Kaseke Snr, the founder and Senior Managing Partner. The foundations are unashamedly based on Christian principles and values which form the business ethic of the Consultancy. By offering efficient, cost-effective solutions coated in excellence, AfriConsult believes that Africa can emerge as a problem solver.

We don’t believe in clients; we believe in family. We treat all our ‘clients' as family because that is who we are at the end of the day – one huge family.

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We are all about growth of business and ideas and not just in Africa but in the world as a whole.

Financial & Business

We help you develop various aspects of your business and guide you through the growth thereof, bringing your dreams to life.

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HR & Administration

We will analyse, provide advice on how you can strengthen your HR and admin as well as help you with the implementation.

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If you are an entertainer looking for professional assistance or if you require entertainers, then AfriConsult is the right Firm for you!

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Mediation & conflict resolution

Dialogue can cut costs that would have otherwise been spent on litigation or other formalistic processes. Use our Firm to resolve your disputes through mediation or arbitration.

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Policy & Research Solutions

We provide world class research, analysis, market intelligence and evaluation services to a range of clients. We have experience in international relations, politics, law, markerts...

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Creative & I.T. Services

We offer this service not only to help you to keep up with trends but setting them. We assist firms & individuals with digital and graphical branding. Let us help you stay relevant in this morden era.

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